Website Audit


We believe that a modern effective website will help drive your business forward.

In many areas of business, whether it be an accounting work flow, order fulfillment, or quality improvement project, routine evaluation is done to ensure processes are working efficiently and meeting the desired outcome. Using a structured methodology you compare what is happening to what should be to identify where there are opportunities for improvement. Routine evaluation of your website should be included with those other efforts.

What we will do

We have developed a listing of over 100 items to ensure certain common expectations of site visitors are met. Major audit areas include:

  • Page Structure
  • Load Speed
  • Initial Impressions
  • Styling
  • Meta Information
  • Accessibility
  • Responsiveness
  • And more!

Within each audit area there are multiple components that get evaluated.

What you get

When we have completed our audit, we will provide a report that includes all the components, what we found, and our recommendations for improvement. Included with the report is a place where you can identify key dates and the plan of action to mitigate the deficit. Whether you choose MSWhite & Co., or your own web designer, this report should be a part of the discussions on the work to be done on the site updates.

Follow up

Once the key dates and plan of action have been completed with your web designer, we would ask that you would share that back with us so that we can follow up at later dates to check on progress.

Subsequent audits

We will also use what you share with us in subsequent website audits to identify what items have been improved and, if any, what items you have chosen not to work on. Additionally, as new items are added to our list of components to check, we will provide our evaluation of them as well.


What 5 main pages do you review?

Our recommendation is to start with your home page and the four main pages that are a part of your primary navigation structure. Of course, if you have other pages you specifically want reviewed, let us know.

What if I want more than 5 pages reviewed?

We can review more pages in your website. When we contact you to discuss your website audit, we will talk about the scope of the review and discuss pricing.

I do not have 5 pages to review. Can I get a prorated price?

No, not for a website audit. If you have fewer than 5 pages, the website audit would likely have recommendations for your site structure to better associate content with a matching page.