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Every business needs a website.

You need more than just a website.

You need to market your business to get clients to your website.

MSWhite & Co. can help your business rise.

Website Audit

Staying abreast with modern design styles and cross browser standards we will audit what you have and identify what is good and what can be improved upon.


Use us to handle your social marketing campaigns. There are a lot of options and it is easy to get overwhelmed. We can plot a clear path to get the word out about your business.


Geared to artisans/crafters or small businesses who want their own eCommerce site. We will go over options, get your store set up, and provide tips on how to maintain and grow your store.


In the past, you had to be in the phone book to be found by customers.

Today, businesses large and small need a website that ranks high in search engines.

Most people do not use phone books anymore. Instead, they open their favorite search engine to search for services or products like yours. If you do not have a website, it will be hard for them to contact you. If you do have a website, but are not showing up in the first set of search results, your competition may be getting your business.

Whether you need a new website or have one that needs a redesign we can get you a web presence and get your site to rank high in search results.


Having a website is only one piece of the marketing puzzle.

In addition to having a high quality, professional website with clean design and great user experience, you need to promote your business in other mediums as well. The traditional methods of advertising - newspaper, phone books, radio, etc. - are not as effective today as they were in the past. Your business needs to leverage social media outlets.

But, which social media outlets should you use?

We can navigate the social marketing puzzle to get your message to potential customers on a consistent basis.


We are a local Skagit County business.

Skagit Valley is our home. Burlington, specifically. Much like the farms that grow food for the world, our family has grown here. I first came to the Skagit Valley before the invention of the World Wide Web and during my time here, many things have changed. But, the heart of what makes this county special has maintained. Whether it be protecting farmland, growing our businesses, or helping local causes, we continue to support each other in our community.

Make following your passion your full time job

You likely started your business from an idea you love and marketing your business is probably not your passion. It happens to be one of mine. Contact us so we can set up a time to talk about making your business grow.

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