SEO Audit
Search Engine Optimization


You have put a lot of resources into having a wonderful website. Let's make sure people can find it.

Search engines use algorithms to rank websites in search results. Their goal is to provide their search users with the most relevant results. Those relevant results - not the ads - are the ones that show up at the top of the search engine results page (SERP).

There are a number of things that can affect where your website ranks in SERPs. Search engines regularly hone the algorithms as they learn more about what people are searching for. Updates to your website can have an impact. The updates your competition makes to their website can also have an impact.

What we will do

We use multiple tools and have developed a listing of over 200 items to check on your website to maximize the likelihood your website will show high in SERPs. Major audit areas include:

  • Search Rankings
  • Site Map Use
  • Keyword Use
  • URLs
  • Local SEO
  • Page Speed
  • Responsiveness
  • And more!

Within each audit area there are multiple components that get evaluated.

What you get

When we have completed our audit, we will provide a report that includes all the components, what we found, and our recommendations for improvement. Included with the report is a place where you can identify key dates and the plan of action to mitigate the deficit. Whether you choose MSWhite & Co., or your own web designer, this report should be a part of the discussions on the work to be done on the site updates.

Follow up

Once the key dates and plan of action have been completed with your web designer, we would ask that you would share that back with us so that we can follow up at later dates to check on progress.

Subsequent audits

We will also use what you share with us in subsequent SEO Audits to identify what items have been improved and, if any, what items you have chosen not to work on. Additionally, as new items are added to our list of components to check, we will provide our evaluation of them as well.


After I receive the report and implement the changes, how long before results show up?

It can vary. Sometimes, you will see results in a few days; other times it may take a few weeks.

If the search engines are changing how they rank sites, should a SEO Audit be done again?

There are a couple schools of thought on how often a SEO Audit should be done. There is, however, general consensus that SEO Audits should be done regularly. We are of the belief that you should do an SEO Audit every six months and, if your site is changing frequently or your site is falling in SERP rankings, more frequently.

Can you do SEO Audits on a recurring schedule?

Yes, we can. We would discuss with you the frequency of the SEO Audit to coincide with how frequent your website is being updated. Contact us to discuss details of this option.

Are there limitations on how big of a website is included?

Generally, no. However, if you have a really large site with thousands of 'pages' your site is likely driven by a database back end that would put certain elements within the appropriate tags on a page. In situations like that, it would be more appropriate to audit the core pages that are fed by the database rather than the entire site.