Social Media Analysis

Using social media is still a great way to promote your business and drive traffic to your website.

Have you been using social media to promote your business? Are you boosting posts? If so, do you know who your target audience should be? When you did this, did you engage with other users who liked or shared your post?

You do not need to always boost your posts but you do need to be social. Part of being social is to make frequent posts and to engage with users who like and share your posts. You should not always be trying to sell anything. Posts that inform followers of something new - awards, locations, trainings completed - are great. There are a number of different types of posts you can make that help to build community and a following of customers.

What we will do

We will analyze your social media posts over the last year in the four main social media platforms. Major analysis areas include:

  • Post Frequency
  • Engagement
  • Likes/Shares
  • Post Types (Selling / Informing / Community)
  • Post Reuse
  • Platform Use
  • Appropriateness
  • And more!

What you get

When we have completed our analysis, we will provide a report that includes all the components, what we found, and our recommendations for improvement. Included with the report is a place where you can identify key dates and the plan of action to mitigate the deficit. Whether you choose MSWhite & Co., or your own social media marketer, this report should be a part of the discussions on the work to be done.

Not Using Social Media?

If you are not currently using social media to promote your business, our analysis will be different. We will discuss options for your social media marketing, what your goals are, who will do the posts, and the frequency. Our report will be a little different as there would not be a historical analysis. Instead, everything would be more forward looking with a plan of action.

What about some of the other social media platforms?

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn are the primary ones that we are looking at in our analysis for most businesses. During our initial conversation about your business, we can discuss including analysis of other social media platforms.

Are you going to review my personal profiles?

Unless you are using your personal profile for your business social media then no. However, if you are using your personal profile for this, we will include in our report the recommendation to set up a business profile.

  • Social Media Analysis
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  • Duration

    5-10 work days