Crafter eCommerce

Are you a creator who wants to take it to the next level?

Have you tried an Etsy store but felt lost among all the other creators? Looking for something more than trying to sell your wares in booths at Arts and Craft Fairs? This offering may be for you.

If you use Square to process credit cards you have an online store included with your account. If you are not yet accepting credit cards, here is a link where you can get free processing on up to $1,000 in sales when you activate an account with Square.

Having your own online store allows you the ability to sell your products without being mixed up with other creators in an online marketplace.

Imagine when you are at arts and craft fairs and you do not have a particular item with you but you have it at home. How many sales have you lost in this situation. Now, with your own online store, you can use your phone or tablet to bring up the item and increase the likelihood of making the sale!

What we will do

We will work with you to ensure the groundwork has been set up within your Square dashboard and go over options the online store offers.

We will start populating your store with some of your items and make sure the SEO options are in place. We will work with you on setting up shipping as well as other details to get the site ready to go live.

What you get

Once your site is live we will provide some tips on how to update your site and continue adding items to your new online store. Alternatively, if you would prefer, we can discuss your options for MSWhite & Co. to maintain your site.

Square Online Store

We spend up to 10 hours to lay the groundwork and start populating the store with your items.

  • Discuss Online Store Options
      • Square Online Store package options
      • Domain name
      • Colors
      • Featured Items
      • Shipping
  • Collect item:
      • Descriptions
      • Names/Titles
      • Prices
      • Photos
      • Variants and/or Modifiers
      • Shipping weight
  • Tips on how to update and promote your site after go live

I use someone else to process my credit cards. Can I still get an online store?

Perhaps. We are most familiar with using Square for this. Other credit card processors may offer similar functionality. We could look into that or you could evaluate which credit card processor is best for you. While not ideal, I imagine you could use multiple credit credit card processors for different business functions.

How many items can I put in the online store?

For the setup, it depends on the number of items we can get added in the balance of 10-hours time after we have worked with you to get photos, descriptions, item numbers, prices, etc., and ensure some time for going over the site with you so you can maintain it once it goes live. As of yet, we have not found a hard limit to the number of items that Square will allow.

Does the online store have inventory functionality?

Yes, this is included within your Square dashboard.

I have one-of-a-kind items. How can I prevent duplicate sales of the same item?

The inventory functionality can show that an item is Sold Out until the item is removed from the online store.

I have heard you need to promote your store. How can I do that?

Once your store goes live, we will provide some tips on how you can do this. As additional options, we can maintain your site, do digital marketing, and/or provide additional coaching so you could do it yourself.

  • Square Store Setup
  • Hours

    up to 10

  • Turn Around

    5-10 work days