Use our 23+ years of website experience to grow your Internet presence.

We have been following the trends and technology driving the world wide web since its infancy. Some of the information that is out there about web design, social media marketing, or search engine optimization (SEO) can get pretty technical if this is not something you follow and keep up with. If you want to be build your own website and make it grow we can provide coaching services to make your journey a little easier.

What we will do

When you engage our coaching services, we will do some information gathering and have a brief interview before our first coaching session so that we can be best prepared to assist. Information gathering areas will include:

  • Your goals
  • What you hope to achieve
  • What have been the challenges
  • What have you been trying

If the fit is right, we will set up a schedule of coaching meeting(s) to guide you on your journey.

The information gathering and brief interview are free. Click below to get started.

What is the difference between coaching and consulting?

The difference between coaching and consulting can be a bit fuzzy.

A consultant usually provides advice or a specific plan that, when followed, achieves some goal in the future. A consultant will often gather information and develop the plan based on the information gathered. Sometimes, consultants also begin the implementation of the plan and/or manage the project.

Coaching focuses on guiding you through a process and teaching you how to do it yourself. Coaching will guide you along a path where you develop the skills to do the work.

A big difference between the two comes down to who will be the one implementing.

What should I expect from coaching?

First would be an interview and information gathering. I need to know where you are and understand what you are trying to accomplish.

If you play, follow, or ever seen athletes engaged in sport, you have likely seen their coach go over how to run a play or strategize against the opponent. The athlete is the one who takes that knowledge and implements the play. What you do not see is the coach on the line of scrimmage snapping the ball or the base coach stealing the next base.

Now, after our initial conversations, I may not be the coach you are looking for. Just because I am tall does not mean I would be a good coach at basketball. I would want to make sure that I am able to help you learn the skills to get what you want. If the fit is right, we will discuss schedules.

Do you do in person coaching?

While the pandemic is still happening and the requirements for wearing face masks in public are in place, we are doing our coaching sessions via Zoom.

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