About MSWhite & Co.

About MSWhite

From a young age, I have always been fascinated with making computers do things. This fascination gave me the desire to learn how to make the computers work for me. Starting with simple little programs that would make things print on the computer monitor or programming animated sprites dancing across the screen. Eventually, I settled into doing websites and being able to make data have meaning.

For a few years, I worked for a local newspaper in the advertising department. This was during the time when computers started being used to create the display ads. This was a massive improvement over manually laying out ads, making sure border tape was straight, waxing down layers of copy and artwork, and cutting out film to overlay where color was to be added.

From the early days of the World Wide Web, I have been building websites. The first site I built was because I asked why a car club did not have a website. They asked if I would build it for them and it has continued from there.

After my time at the newspaper, I went back to school to study business and marketing. The marketing studies were heavy on the emerging internet marketing field. It was a new and exciting time.

Summer after my junior year, I took up a temp job to do some data entry and create reports. That temp job became a 22+ year career that continued my fascination with making computers do things. This time, it had to do with collecting and reporting on large data sets in database systems. Expanding on my interests in building web sites, I created web applications where the staff could run the common reports they would use in their jobs without having to request someone else to do it for them.

Throughout that time, I continued to follow trends and practices for web design and digital marketing. As I reflect back, there have been a number of websites I developed and maintained on the side. Some have come and gone and others still in operation today.

Now, we have taken our many years of study, practice, and implementation to help your business grow using your website and digital marketing.

What's with the coffee?

I love me a good cup of coffee! Well, to be more accurate, mainly espresso drinks. For a number of years, my morning ritual involved pulling a number of espresso shots while I read my morning news, email, etc. Over the years, I have collected a number of methods of making coffee drinks from drip machines, French presses, a vintage percolator, toddy cold brew, and espresso machines. Today, I primarily use a super automatic espresso machine for my morning ritual. The ease of making drinks from a ristretto to a machiatto makes my morning without the extra cleanup.

Life is too short to waste on bad coffee.


Some of the websites I work on

Screenshot of the weignitewa.org homepage.

WE Ignite

Women's Empowerment conferences and workshops. Their first conference in 2019 sold out and now they have gone virtual.

Screenshot of the pacificartsmarket.com homepage.

Pacific Arts Market

A cooperative of artisans and crafters local to northwest Washington. Pacific Arts Market hosts an annual holiday market full of hand crafted arts and crafts.

Screenshot of the datatrain homepage.


A collection of resources related to the collecting and reporting of data for the behavioral health data system in Washington State.

Screenshot of the michaelswhite.com homepage.


My personal blog - Michael's Musings - where I will occasionally add content.

Screenshot of the nwimages.com homepage.


I have also had a long interest in nature photography. When I first got a good digital camera, I decided to create a website to sell some of my photographs

Screenshot of the nwhikes.com homepage.


To take some of the photographs, needed to take a hike! When I first started this site, there was no place online that had trail information available for free. Many years of research and hiking led to the data that feeds this site.